CrescereMed adopts Virtual Medical scribe services as an advanced transcription program delivering at low costs. The specialists’ team provides accurate and affordable transcription solutions in a quick turnaround time i.e. within 48 hours. It combines affordability with quality and convenience.

CrescereMed renowned for its legendary solutions with 98% accuracy guarantee with quality secured assistance. The best part of the practice is whatever the number of patients you serve; you are free from documenting your patient’s history or taking notes. The trained scribers makes note on all relevant information that has been discussed during the patient visit (consultation).

This gives you the guaranteed practice and maintains accurate records and reduces the practitioners’ burden spending time on clerical and documenting tasks. And, this helps the doctor free to focus on the patient throughout the visit.

Benefits backed by Research

Your investment on our scribe worth its cost by serving the physician at immediate start and is simple to use.

This how virtual scribe works:

  1. Medical assistant narrates the details about the complete scribe procedures to the patients. (It is an acceptance note of patient thereby agreeing to the clinical analysis that’s getting monitored and reviewed)
  2. The patient will be taken to the examining room which is connected with scribe applications.
  3. Patient’s details are entered in EMR application to retrieve their previous history through secure HIPAA compliant portal. (In case of a new patient, their personal information are gathered and fed in the EMR)
  4. Now, the physician starts their examining process which will be precisely listened by the scribe team.
  5. Scribe team will have a template which is designed with ICD & CPT codes thru which they start entering the details that are being discussed by physician and Patient.
  6. Doctors don’t perform any sort of writing or data entry during the examination of the patient.
  7. At the end of completion, Scribe team sends the rough draft on patient charts to physicians for edits (if any).
  8. Physician signs off the digital note sent by the team.
  9. Your EMR is ready for use with accuracy at cutting down costs and time!

About CrescereMed – A Best medical transcription service provider

CrescereMed is a leading healthcare IT service provider of advanced transcription and documentation solutions enabling provider and physicians to maintain an accurate standard EHR for improved comprehensive healthcare integrity.

The proficient medical skilled team enhances quality and cost efficiency of patient care in few procedural steps. As one of the Medical Records Indexing Service Provider, the company ensures Real Time EMR Data Entry Services, Medical Billing and Coding Services and affordable Transcription Services.

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